Hi my name is Cassandra, And I am 35yrs old and I currently reside in wildomar CA. But my time here is almost up. I have been with Mrs Menard for almost 2yrs as per our agreement Mrs Menard had lost her husband when I met her and was in need of my services in exchange for room in board. My services our a multiple of skills, and include "in home care" nanny, housekeeping, running arons, fulfilli...
Me and my husband are moving to Billouxion the first.we would like to rent va house.Our income is fixed and very dependable depending on the property.No kids non smokers church people Please respond to our ad.Thanks lookiung forward to your call. Serious inquires only. Natasha n Charles Gos bless. Ad number: #365108637 Contact: Natasha City: SanJacinto Zip: 92586 Price: $500
Hi,my name is Micah and I am a disabled,45 year young woman,on S.S.I.(trampled by my horse 20 years ago)I really need a 1 bed room, w/walk in closet or comparable in size to a walk in closet.Also a kitchen and at least,some storage,and VERY close prox.to laundry facilities.I cant afford anything over $366 dollars,bcuz I live on a VERY LIMITED INCOME of only $866 per month and cant afford anythi...
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